Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Carson Philippine Independence Day

Spent a nice sunny Saturday at the Carson Philippine Independence Day. I brought my ukulele to practice thinking it'll be a mellow day but I was wrong.

We moved a lot of rattan mostly to the youth. Glad to see youngins interested in FMA but one thing I noticed is that, not a whole lot were actually interested in learning or taking classes.

The old manong in me concluded that, mga youts wanted to just own a piece of their culture instead of actually living or learning it. Just cause you rock fat laces doesn't mean you're a b-boy. Speaking of b-boys did anyone catch Jose battling the kids behind the tent?

If you're interested learning Eskrima please contact

Master Erwin Mosqueda
Los Feliz, Torrance Area

Master Jun Onas
West Covina Area

You may have seen these guys at the event. They were at booth for most of the day.

Our apologies to folks expecting an eskrima demo from Team Olisi. We had scheduling conflicts so most our demo team had to leave early.

See you at the June 21st Tourney

Keep Training
Team Olisi

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